Creativity · 29 January 2018
So I got back into the routine of what i'm enjoying and had a great chat with artist Jenny Hood. I feel like i'm finding my own style of interviewing which includes the odd stumbling of words from time to time. Also you can check out Jenny's website here: This weekend was a double whammy for interviews as I met with actors Adam Coutts and Cameron Mowat, from 10ft Tall Theatre, and illustrator Shirin Karbor. Both episodes will be out in early February.

Creativity · 04 January 2018
Well it’s been a while since I was last on here to have a little ramble. So it was a good end of the year for the Creative Me Podcast. In late November 2017 I interviewed Elane Colville from the Vintage Closet shop. It was a great interview with Elane who is very much about embracing individuality and learning from the older and younger generations, and supporting local creatives. Also check out the recent small episode Ica's christmas-ramblings on soundcloud and tunein radio

Creativity · 12 November 2017
Spoke with writer and blogger Lauren Aitchison about her passion for writing, politics, racism, and being in an domestic abusive relationship for six years, and her love of Star Wars, & Lord of the rings and the power of Tinder. I really enjoyed speaking with Lauren. She's the kind of person who we need to support and follow in her career. Now that the 2nd episode is done and the feedback has been very positive for the first episode. it's onwards and upwards :-)

Creativity · 06 November 2017
So with a stomach full of nerves I recorded the first creative me podcast episode with Gary Kemp owner of Doric Skateboards. I had a great time speaking with Gary, and his passion for what he does flows through the interview. You can check out some of Gary's work in the photo gallery. I hope you enjoy the first episode. Whilst there's still some sound tweaking to sort out but I'm happy with the end result.