The Creative Me Podcast is a show about art, culture, and all the other kinds of creativity happening in Aberdeen.


during each episode of the podcast london boy ica headlam will explore with an individual or group what inspires and influences their creative practice and what they would like to achieve from their work.



about me...

Hi i'm Ica Headlam and welcome to the Creative Me Podcast website. I've been living in Aberdeen for 15 years now and I've seen a considerable amount of positive changes happen in Aberdeen with regards to it's creativity being acknowledged, promoted, and celebrated across the city.


From a young age I have always been encouraged to explore my creative skills and abilities by family and friends. I’m most comfortable when I'm able to explore this further particularly within my role in Education and Children's Services for Aberdeen City Council. 


I see myself as a person who has a desire to connect with people through individual or group experiences. And I believe that a podcast is a natural transition in which creativity in Aberdeen can continue to be shared and celebrated amongst us all and further promote Aberdeen as a city thriving with creativity and culture.